Friday, May 2, 2014

Dutchgirls Soccer

Dutchgirls Soccer
Kelsey Kern
5-2-14  12:51 pm
As spring sprung into step, so did all of our Dutchmen/Dutchgirls sports teams. The newest one being your Owensville Dutchgirls soccer team. After many years of working on getting the team, it was finally accepted by the school board at the end of the last school year. Jordan Palmer was assigned coach of the new team, with assistant coach Beth Swooba, (who coaches the Gerald Club soccer team.)
                The Dutchgirls started off their season playing Pacific High school; it was a cold, snowy hard fought game that, unfortunately, ended in the Dutchgirls defeat with JV 10-0 and Varsity 7-1. Marissa Jett, however, kicked her way into Dutchgirls history scoring the first ever goal for the OHS girls soccer team.
                The next game for the Dutchgirls had them facing the 5- time district champions, Union High school, both games were very long and hard fought, but both teams for the Dutchgirls ended in a 10-0 defeat.
                Then finally, capping off the season thus far, the first Dutchgirls home game was a success, with a 4-0 victory over Bell High School. Despite the rain, and the past two defeats, the girls certainly showed that no one would beat them on their turf! The girls continue to work hard and improve to ensure victory at their next game. 

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