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Owensville DECA Goes to New York City

Owensville DECA Goes to New York City
Cody Goggin
12-17-2013  1:05 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-This November, some DECA students, myself included, had the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime. Owensville High DECA students traveled to New York City for five days between November 20th and November 24th. Along the way we saw some pretty amazing sights and places filled with history. This trip was filled with fun, but also educational as the DECA students received some tips and a look into how the business industry works from Planet Hollywood, Madam Tussaud’s, and in the SoHo Fashion District. In all, 11 people went on this trip from Owensville: Mrs. Whelan, Mrs. Moritz, Cody Goggin, Nathan Smith, Ben Angell, Dakota Souders, Kristen Bauer, Maddie Havelka, Ariel Walsh, Kayla Woemmel, and Kymberlyn Borgmann.
Madison Square Garden is one of the most historic venues in the world and has even been dubbed as “the World’s Most Famous Arena.” It has hosted events such as WrestleMania I, the Ali-Frazier “Fight of the Century”, Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration, and the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. Opened in 1968, Madison Square Garden is the home of the NHL’s New York Rangers, the NBA’s New York Knicks, and the WNBA’s New York Liberty. There are also a number of concerts held here. Some of the most historical musical artists ever have performed here, such as Elvis Presley, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and all four of the Beatles performed there solo at different times. MSG is the most active sporting facility in the New York City area and is third busiest music arena in the world. Our group had the opportunity to explore “The Mecca” this past week. We got to see the basketball court and all of the new renovations to the arena. We also had the opportunity to see the locker rooms for the Rangers and Knicks and the most expensive suite in the building. Seeing an arena with this much history was definitely a great experience. 
Kymberlyn Borgmann was asked to share her thoughts on the Empire State Building and this is what she said: “While in New York, one place we visited was the Empire State Building. This was once the tallest building in all of New York…The Empire State Building stands an incredible 1,454 feet tall. It took almost no time at all to get there, since it was right behind our hotel. When we arrived at the building we had go through security. After passing through all of that, we got on an elevator and had to go up 86 stories to reach the top. Me, being completely scared of heights, was having a bit of a hard time looking out the windows and going out on the observation deck. Although I almost passed out, it was an extremely cool experience”
When asked to talk about the Statue of Liberty, Kayla Woemmel described, “The Statue of Liberty has been around since 1886. It was given to The United States as a gift from France, symbolizing freedom and democracy. While on my trip to New York with my DECA sponsors and some of my fellow DECA members, we had the opportunity to visit this historic statue. Visiting The Statue of Liberty was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. We took a Ferry to Liberty Island to see Lady Liberty. From the Ferry we had a great view of Manhattan and of The Statue. From far away she looked so small, but when we got up close it was clear that she was giant and beautiful. Once inside The Statue, we got to go as far up as the pedestal. From the pedestal we could see Ellis Island and also more of Manhattan. The view was absolutely breath-taking, Going to visit The Statue of Liberty is something that I believe everyone should experience at least once in their life.”
The last person that was asked about the trip was Nathan Smith. He was told to describe the trip to the 9/11 Memorial and he told me, “Ground Zero is a memorial in remembrance to the heroes who lost their lives in the attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001. We went to visit and saw exactly where the two towers were before the attack and just how big they were. Looking around the reflective pools was incredible because of how many people were killed in terrorist attack. Also, we talked to a lady who told us all about the survivor tree.  The survivor tree is the only plant that survived the attacks and is still living today. It survived under hundreds of feet of rubble from the buildings, plane, and everything else [that fell on it]. Ground Zero is a must-see attraction. It is very sad because of how many lives were lost, but it also shows the strength that our nation has to get through these attacks. 
Just from the words of these students one can tell how great of an experience this trip was for the students who attended. Next year’s seniors may get the chance to go to New York, however, they may also have the chance to vote on going to somewhere else; such as Chicago or Orlando. The “DECA Experience” was an amazing thing and New York City is a city that everyone should go to at least once in their lifetime. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

Stuff and Nunsense

Stuff and Nunsense
Anna Nicks
12-17-2013  1:03 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Recently, the OHS drama department put on a production entitled “Nunsense.”  The story was about a group of nuns trying to raise money through putting on a funny, musical production. The first two performances were put on for the high school students, seniors and juniors in the morning, and freshmen and sophomores in the afternoon.  Following that, performances were put on for the community.  The play featured several students as nuns, including Shelby Oberle, Ashlyn Steinhardt, Cheyanne Roach, Michal Sovar, and Katey Smith. 
As with any production, Nunsense took many rehearsals to perfect.  Michal Sovar, who portrayed Sister Huebert, said that her favorite part of the rehearsals was that since the cast was so small, it gave them the opportunity to get to know everyone.  Sovar feels that overall, it was a great experience.  When asked what the best experience was during the play, Sovar stated that: 
“During one of our school shows we went into the audience and we were telling jokes; when it came to my joke, I stared straight at a freshman and asked my joke.  When it came to the punch line, the entire crowd burst into the most laughs I have ever received during a show.”
Overall, the impression left by the play seems to be that it was a fun, enjoyable experience.  A big thank-you to everyone who helped to put on this production is due.  

Atlanta Falcons Downfall

Atlanta Falcons Downfall
Zane West-Derby
12-17-2013  1:02 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-As you may know, the Atlanta Falcons have had a terrible season so far. They are 3-10 through the first 13 games of the season. Their season of disappointment  has consisted of injuries and stars not living up to their potential.
So far this year, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Sean Weatherspoon, and Tony Gonzalez have sustained key injuries. On the defensive side of the ball, they possess plenty of talent; enough to be a top notch defence in the NFL. With Osi Umenyiora, Sean Weatherspoon, Asante Samuel, William Moore and William Worrlilow as their top defensive players, only Moore and Worrilow have came out and played at a high level. On the offensive side of the ball, they are able to pass at a high level, but they can not run the ball very well. They thought signing Steven Jackson in the offsmason, they would give then a chance to run the ball,too. That could not happen because of the injuries to Julio Jones (out for season), Roddy White playing injured, and Tony Gonzalez (toe) in the passing game.
They are 30th in the league in rushing yards per game and opponent rushing yards a game. There defense is not good enough to win games when their offense does not produce teams at the level of like the Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks.
Next year for the Falcons could be special. If Tony Gonzalez does not retire, they could potentially win plenty of games and possibly even go to the Super Bowl. They will have all of their players back from injuries and most likely a top five pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. With their Stars on Offense and play-makers on defense, Atlanta Falcons could become one of the greatest teams in the NFL.

Baseball Winter Meetings

Baseball Winter Meetings
Cody Goggin
12-17-2013  1:01 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-If you are a fan of roster moves in Major League Baseball then you must love the Winter Meetings. The Winter Meetings are the annual event where representatives from every baseball team meet and shake up the rosters. Having this many representatives for teams in one hotel can make for an interesting week. This is often the week in which the most offseason trades and free agent deals happen. The 2013 Winter Meetings were held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.
            The Winter Meetings started off with a bang as on the first day Roy Halladay announced his Halladay was a two-time Cy Young award winner who spent his last season battling injuries and decided that he could no longer compete at the level he once did. The Toronto Blue Jays signed Halladay to a one-day contract so that he could retire as a Blue Jay. The only othe major news on the first day was that the Marlins had signed the former catcher for the Boston Red Sox, Jerrod Saltalamacchia.
            Day two saw one really big moves as the Diamondbacks, White Sox, and Angels agreed on a three-team deal. This deal would send Adam Eaton to the White Sox, Hector Santiago and Tyler Skaggs to the Angels, and slugger Mark Trumbo to Arizona.  
            On the third day, Seattle made two moves to try to improve their club further by adding Logan Morrison and Corey Hart to protect Cano in their lineup. Pitchers seem to be hot on the market as Bartolo Colon landed with the Mets and Edinson Volquez inked a one-year deal with Pittsburgh.
            The winter meetings have come to an end, but they were as eventful as promised. In the upcoming weeks look for the Yankees to make some major splashes while trying to fill a middle infield void and solidify their bullpen. The best remaining free-agent is former Reds and Indians outfielder Shin Soo Choo. Choo was second in the league in on-base percentage last season and could really help a team needing a leadoff hitter. If Tanaka, the coveted pitcher from Japan becomes available, then expect the Yankees to be in the market for him, as well as multiple others. This has been one of the craziest off seasons in recent memory and it shows no-signs of slowing down soon.

MLB Rule Changes

MLB Rule Changes
Cody Goggin
12-17-2013  12:59 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Baseball has been a part of this country for years, but sometimes the game must change with our ever-changing society. The 2014 MLB season will likely see two major rule changes: Instant-replay and the elimination of home-plate collisions. Some people may be in favor of these things, but I have my own opinions.
            The one rule change that will for sure be in effect for next season is the expanded use of instant replay. For the first time ever managers will be able to “challenge” the calls the umpires make on the field and have them reviewed. Major League Baseball is switching to try to be more like football. I think this rule change is a poor decision. Sure, with cameras everywhere now there is more of an emphasis on umpire’s missed calls, but the way I see it is that it is just part of the game. Umpires are supposed to control the game and be able to do their jobs, but you cannot expect them to get every call right. People make mistakes sometimes, but doesn’t that define what baseball is? This rule will most likely also eliminate the epic fights between managers and umpires. Ejections will be lower because of this rule. Earl Weaver is probably rolling over in his grave and still yelling at Bill Haller.  In the game of baseball, umpires should have control of the game, not a camera crew.
            The other rule change is pending, but could likely be put into place next season. This rule change would be to eliminate home-plate collisions. This all started whenever Scott Cousins ran over MLB poster-boy Buster Posey on a clean play in which he was just going hard. Everybody freaked out about this play. I think collisions at the plate represent another thing that baseball is all about: playing hard. This new rule would literally discourage players from giving their all. People in this country are getting too soft and the addition of this rule would just be adding insult to our political injury. This rule is one of the worst things that has happened to baseball in the past decade and should forever be known as the “Buster Posey Rule.”
            I think that the game of baseball should be left how it is. There is nothing wrong with the way the game is played now. Too many people trying to be safe and always make sure that they are right are ruining the nation’s pastime. Baseball is about mistakes and going hard and that should never be changed. 

OHS Basketball

OHS Basketball
Sam Grus
12-17-2013 12:57 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Looking ahead at 2014 basketball season, the Owensville Dutchmen appear young and looking for the upsets. Led by seniors Nathan Smith and Ben Angell, this team could get somewhere if they work hard and do not give up.
“You cannot win on talent alone. You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.” - Herb Brooks.
That was said to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team at the beginning of the season. That quote applies to the Owensville Dutchmen in 2014. This team is going to have to gel and work together if they are wanting to achieve something great this season. The team leaders are going to have to work hard at getting this team together to achieve one common goal. Nathan Smith and Ben Angell are trying to do as much as they can whether it be team bonding, or just getting players to practice.
In two of the first three games, the team played well, they just need to work on a few things to get to the next level. Against the Fatima Comets, the passes needed to be sharper, since the Comets run a press defense. Meanwhile, against the Belle Tigers the team got into foul trouble early on and two key players fouled out in the second half. So those are the little things that the team can work on to improve for later on in the season.
Overall, this team has the potential to do something and shock the Four Rivers Conference. Expect the seniors to have big seasons, and look for freshman Logan Moritz to have an impact on the offensive side of the ball. Also look for the crazy Dutchmen fans to play an intricate role for intimidating the opposing teams during home games. My prediction is that we will finish .500, they will pick it up down the stretch, sending the Dutchmen into the District Tournament hot.

Yes, They are Overpaid

Yes, They are Overpaid
Sam Grus
12-17-2013  12:56 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-On December 6th, the baseball world was flipped upside down, as top free agent second baseman Robinson Cano signed the dotted line with the Seattle Mariners. Cano is a premier player who has one of the prettiest swings in all of baseball and debatedly has the best arm of any infielder in the game. Seattle signed Cano to a 10-year deal worth $240 million. It was a surprise that the New York Yankees, who were Cano’s former team, did not sign him for equal or a little more than that. Maybe the Yankees are smart, maybe they are catching on to something, or maybe they knew something the Seattle did not. It could also be because 10-year deals are not the best thing.
Only eight players in MLB history have ever signed a 10-year contract, and none of them worked out. The most recent 10-year deal was Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels. After winning a World Series in 2011 with the St. Louis Cardinals, Pujols left his hometown for more money. He signed on for $254 million for 10 years, which is a pretty steep deal for any team, but the Angels did it anyways. Pujols is going into his third year with the Angels and has totaled 253 games and only batted .272. Those numbers are not where they need to be for the Angels to get what they need in order to pay off his deal.
Possibly the most famous long-term contract is the one between the New York Yankees and third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez is one of those players that comes once in a lifetime. When he first came to New York he was a star, but he needed a little push. After having an outstanding first couple of seasons, the “Bronx Bombers” decided to renew his contract, and renew they did. From 2008-2017 he is the property of the New York Yankees for $275 million. But what makes this the most famous is that Rodriguez’s stats have tailed off in the past couple of seasons, and he is under investigation for steroid use. Since 2008 he is batting .275 and has been averaging 111 games per season. He just does not produce the same as he used to. Going into 2014 he will be 39 years old and his age and numbers prove that for $27.5 million a year, he just is not worth it for four more sub-par seasons.
So maybe the Yankees learned from their recent mistake of Alex Rodriguez, and they did not want to be burdened with a heavy contract again. These deals are not something that should stay in major league baseball, because they are money pits and they do not help the player or the team. Almost all of the 10-year contracts were to aging ballplayers at the end of their prime years. So yes, Robinson Cano is the third most overpaid player in baseball right now. If his numbers are not where they are supposed to be do not expect him to stay in Seattle to long.

Wiggins vs. Parker

Wiggins vs. Parker
Zane West-Derby
12-17-2013  12:54 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Sports fans all across the world are always looking for the next big thing and basketball is no different. In 2003, when Lebron James was in High School, he was being compared to Michael Jordan. Now, 10 years later you have two young prospects in Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker that are being compared to some NBA stars in the league right now. Andrew Wiggins is already being compared to Lebron James and Jabari Parker being compared to Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant.
Wiggins definitely has a more NBA ready body. He is six foot eight and 205 pounds with a wingspan like, Kawhi Leonard, reaching up to seven feet. His incredible size would lead you to think he is not very athletic but, that is definitely not the case. He has a 44 inch vertical leap and his athletic ability is comparable to James. Wiggins at times, lacks a killer instinct and passion for the game.
            Parker is also an incredible athlete, but nowhere near Wiggins. Right now, Parker does have a better offensive game. He is more mature and has a killer instinct to want to score the ball. NBA scouts do not want to hear is a talented basketball player in Parker has been injured while playing basketball. He suffered a foot injury during a FIBA U-17 Tournament.
If I had the 1st overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, I would pick Wiggins because of all the potential he has just because of the athletic ability he has. Although, Parker is probably be a better bet to become what everybody is expecting from him. A scorer and leader of a NBA team trying to win a NBA Championship. Wiggins is not a hit-or-miss at all though. The worst case scenario by drafting Wiggins, an NBA team will have a freakish athlete that could play an important role on a team.
Both of these players have the potential to be big time stars, but they need to put in the hard work it takes to become an elite NBA basketball player. Let’s just hope Parker can develop into a scoring machine in the NBA and Wiggins into this athletic beast on a mission to become the best so, we might just have another rivalry just like Jordan vs. Bird.

Gun Control: You Don’t Actually Need an Assault Weapon

Gun Control: You Don't Actually Need an Assault Weapon
Anna Nicks
12-17-2013  12:49 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Bring up gun control, and everyone is going to have an opinion, whether for it, or against it.  I see very few people who fall in the middle.  I tend to fall on the side of more control.  Now hold on.  Before you stop reading, or before you start sending me angry letters, let me explain.  I am not saying that no one should be allowed to have any firearms.  That is not my opinion.  I am simply stating that – “hey, it might be a good idea to have some restrictions on the deadly weapons that people own and shoot.” 
            Allow me to ask a rhetorical question.  Why do you need an assault rifle that holds fifty bullets?  Not “why do you want,” but “why do you need” I have heard many answers.  One of them (that I see as the most ridiculous) is “to protect my rights.”  To protect your rights?  Really?  What rights do you have to protect with an assault weapon?  As I see it, none of them. 
            Is it a good idea to allow anybody to buy a silencer?  Again, I ask: why do you need a silencer?  If your activities are legal, you do not.  I understand that sometimes people just want to own something, but if that something could be misused to kill someone and get away with it, perhaps it is not a good idea to let everyone have them. 
            It is my opinion that there should be some restrictions on what firearms and firearm paraphernalia people can own and fire.  I believe that you should have as many weapons as you want.  I believe that you should not be able to own fully automatic guns.  I do not believe that you should own anything that makes the mass slaughter of human beings incredibly easy to get away with.  Restriction on guns is not to squash your rights, they are to help protect you and your loved ones.       

Monday, December 16, 2013

Club Field Trips

Club Field Trips
Sam Grus
12-16-2013  1:26 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-In my four years at Owensville High School, I have only been on three field trips. One was for a class, and that was to, Missouri State Penitentiary. Another was to the St. Louis Zoo with the Spanish Club and the final one was to Busch Stadium with DECA. Two of the three field trips were actually helpful with the sponsoring class or club.
The trip to the Missouri State Penitentiary was helpful because we were tested on what we learned there. The trip was for the Advanced American History class taught by Rebecca Giallongo. We learned what an important role the prison had played in American History, and that it was the bloodiest prison in the United States, Alcatraz was not even close. That field trip was not a waste of time for the class; it was actually helpful to what we were learning about at the time.
The Spanish Club field trip to the St. Louis Zoo was, and still is, the biggest waste of student, school, and taxpayer money. Going to the zoo has absolutely nothing to do with what was being learned in the class. The trip is sponsored by Spanish Club, but the majority of the people in the club joined it for the pointless field trip. So in this case, the field trip was pointless.
The last field trip that I attended was the DECA trip to the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. The main purpose of the trip is prior to the game there is a guest speaker who talks about the different sides of business. That is what DECA is all about: the different sides of business. Plus, if you are in Mrs. Whelan’s advertising or marketing class, you can see how companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are advertising their brands at St. Louis Cardinal’s games.
So in two of the three cases, the field trips were helpful. One of the contributing factors to how helpful or how much of a waste of time the trip is would be the sponsor. The Spanish Club has a terrible sponsor, so therefore the field trip is a waste of time. Meanwhile DECA has two fantastic sponsors in Mrs. Moritz and Mrs. Whelan, so the trip is meaningful to the class, as well as the club. So, in conclusion, field trips can either be helpful, or a waste of time, it just depends on how you look at them.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday

Owensville Spectator would like to wish a happy birthday to our dear reporter, Kelsey Kern!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NCAA Football Update

NCAA Football Update
Cody Goggin
12-3-2013  1:23 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-The college football season is over halfway over. November is here and many title races are shaking out and the Heisman front runners have been narrowed.
To the surprise of no one, Alabama and Oregon have retained their spots as the top two teams in the nation. These two teams are still undefeated and dominating all of their competition. There is a very good chance that these two teams could end up playing each other in the BCS National Championship Game. What we do need to know is which teams could slip in and gain a spot in the championship if one of these two teams is upset. There are many teams lined up for a chance, but even with one loss, Alabama or Oregon could still end up playing for the championship. Florida State, Ohio State, Stanford, Baylor, Miami, Auburn, Clemson, and Missouri all remain in the potential mix.  
The top five candidates for the Heisman Memorial Trophy right now are all quarterbacks. They include Marcus Mariota (Oregon), Jameis WInston (Florida State), Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M), Bryce Petty (Baylor), and A.J. McCarron (Alabama). All of these players are the most valuable players for their championship caliber teams. In order to win the award, one player must set himself apart from the rest of the pack by coming up with a big moment.
With the college football season coming down to the nitty-gritty, you never know what could happen. In the next month, one player and two teams will stand above the rest with the ending to be determined.

Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time pt 2

Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time pt 2
Sam Grus
12-3-2013  1:21 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Everybody talks about how great Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are but do they really compare to some of the all time greats? Here is a list of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL History.
10. Warren Moon - Houston Oilers (Tennessee Titans)
9. Brett Favre - Green Bay Packers
8. Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins
7. Kurt Warner - St. Louis Rams
6. John Elway - Denver Broncos
5. Steve Young - San Francisco 49ers
4. Johnny Unitas - Baltimore Colts (Indianapolis Colts)
3. Tom Brady - New England Patriots
2. Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts
1. Joe Montana - San Francisco 49ers

Football Senior Night

Football Senior Night
Cody Goggin
12-3-2013  1:19 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Senior Night is an important moment in the lives of many high school athletes. These athletes have worked their whole lives and Senior Night is a culmination of all of their hard work. Although it is a happy night, it is also a sad night because it is their last game on their home field. For the Dutchmen football seniors, their last game would be against the St. Clair Bulldogs.
            The game started off with a huge surprise. Owensville opened up the game with an onside kick and recovered to take possession of the ball first! They would proceed to punt and down St. Clair within the 10 yard line. St. Clair then ran over 90 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Owensville then answered with a rushing touchdown by senior Ben Angell to tie it at 7. St. Clair’s Skylar Hutchinson scored his second rushing touchdown of the game, but missed the extra point. The Dutchmen once again scored except they made their extra point to take a 14-13 lead.
            Two more touchdowns would occur and St. Clair made a two-point conversion to push the score back even. Things slowed down for the Dutchmen from this point though as they failed to score another touchdown and allowed to more, losing by a final score of 34-21. This was a hard fought game for the Dutchmen and although it did not result in a win, it was a good way to end the season for Owensville and the careers of some of the Dutchmen.
            When asked about the game, senior Nick Plocinski stated that, “It was a good game. It was nerve racking. It was fun, but you wanted to do your best because it was our last home game.” Logan Shoemaker concurred with Nick by describing his senior season in one word: “fun.”
            Senior lineman Ryan Escalante said that, “The memory I am going to take away from this year is going to be winning the first game in two seasons against Pacific and the whole team working together for it.”
            Coach Dale Long was asked how it would feel to know that these seniors will not be returning next year to play football for him and his reply was, “The seniors will be missed. This years group decided that change needed to happen and they made that change. They decided to lead and always make sure that everyone was supposed to do their jobs. This year’s seniors are a great group and they will all be very successful in their lives.”

            It is true that we will miss a lot of the seniors. They were the leaders on the team and also some of the best players. Owensville does play one last game against Soldan as a district game and if they win then they will advance. This team, although they did not supply many wins, they did supply one memory that will last for years to come by winning against Pacific. 

Best NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

Best NFL Quarterbacks of All Time
Cody Goggin
12-3-2013  1:18 pm

OWENSVILLE,MO-When discussing who is the best quarterback in the history of the National Football League, there is much debate as to who it is since there is no clear front-runner. It is hard to compare players who never played against each other or even in the same era. Names like Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and John Elqay arise when this conversation begins, however, it is the newer age quarterbacks who have the statistical advantage. I compiled by top ten quarterbacks of all time based on stats.
1.    Peyton Manning
2.    Tom Brady
3.    Drew Brees
4.    Brett Favre
5.    Dan Marino
6.    Fran Tarkenton
7.    Steve Young
8.    Joe Montana
9.    John Elway
10. Warren Moon
Peyton Manning pulles away as the front runner on this list as he is second in almost category that passers are judged on and with another year or two he will be the record holder in all of these categories. With Drew Brees being three years younger, he could eventually catch Manning and overtake him as the best quarterback of all time since he has more yards per game and almost the same amount of touchdowns per game. Out of the non active players, Favre is the best as at the time of his retirement he lead in wins, games, yards, and touchdowns. The rest of the list rounds out just about as you would expect it to. You may still have your own opinion, but numbers never lie and according to these numbers, Peyton Manning is the greatest of all-time and still going strong.

District Choir

District Choir
Zane West-Derby
12-3-2013  1:15 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Numerous Owensville High School students tried out for District Choir which was broken up into two sections, Honor Choir and Concert Choir on September 23th, 2013. Only six were successful in making Honor Choir and five made Concert Choir. Tensions were high until the final announcement was made.
Hailey Eckelkamp, Lauren Becker, Shelby Oberle, Alynn Chaney, Matt Toole, and Emily Hendrix were the six that made Honor Choir. Landon Mckinney, Katey Smith, Luke Jahnsen, Jeremiah Abell, and Tanner Echols made Concert Choir.
I decided to ask some of the people that tried out for Honor Choir a few Questions. 1. How was the experience? 2. How do you think you did? Was it fun?
Emily Hendrix said, “It was nerve racking and scary. Three judges two feet from you it was scary, hard and scary. I sang “American Lullaby” and thought I did pretty good and ended up making Honor Choir! It was very fun!
Hailey Eckelkamp said, “Before the audition I knew I would be okay with my song I prepared, yet, I was not very sure about sight reading. Once I got done with I the the sight reading I thought I had done terrible. Turns out I did well enough to make the HONOR CHOIR!
Lauren Becker said, “I was really nervous. After the audition I was disappointed because I thought I messed it all up, and there was no way I would make it. When I found out I made Honor Choir I was so surprised and happy.
District Choir was an experience for singers who audition from the Central District Schools. Over 500 singers auditioned, the Honor Choir and Concert Choir each has. Singers have 100 members. Singers that are Juniors or Seniors may audition for All-State Choir if chosen for Honor Choir. On Saturday November 9th, the Choir will rehearse all day at Waynesville High School then perform the concert that night at 5pm.

Top Ten Halloween Costumes for 2013

Top Ten Halloween Costumes for 2013
Sam Grus
12-3-2013  1:13 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Everybody loves to dress up and get candy for Halloween. For both men, women and children dressing up as something that you are not is a delightful time. Here are the best costumes in 2013 for men, women and children.
1. Waldo - Where’s Waldo
2. Banana Suit
3. Pirate
4. Bavarian Guy
5. Gorilla
6. Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland
7. Willie Robertson - Duck Dynasty
8. Si Robertson - Duck Dynasty
9. Ghostbusters suit - Ghostbusters
10. Mario - Super Mario Bros.
1. 1920’s Flapper Girl
2. Snow White - Snow White
3. Pirate
4. Catwoman - The Dark Knight Rises
5. Minion - Despicable Me
6. Nun
7. Athena
8. Witch
9. Bumblebee
10.  Princess Leia - Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi
1. Astronaut
2. Harry Potter - Harry Potter
3. Spiderman - The Amazing Spiderman
4. Policeman
5. Mario - Super Mario Bros.
6. Ninja
7. Batman - The Dark Knight
8. Werewolf
9. Robin Hood - Robin Hood
10. Superman - Man of Steel
1. Supergirl
2. Dorothy - The Wizard of Oz
3. Ariel - The Little Mermaid
4. 50s Girl
5. Rapunzel - Tangled
6. Cinderella
7. Alice - Alice in Wonderland
8. Jessie - Toy Story 3
9. Belle - Beauty and the Beast

10.  Black Widow - The Avengers