Monday, September 30, 2013

Owensville is a Winner of "Tablets for Teachers" Contest

Owensville is a Winner of "Tablets for Teachers" Contest
Anna Nicks

OWENSVILLE, MO-In Missouri and southern Illinois, there was a contest set up for Walmart stores called "Tablets for Teachers."  Each store was given a growth target for six weeks, and all those that achieved this target were given a tablet to donate to a local school district.  Owensville was one of these winners, and a tablet was donated to Owensville High School on behalf of Walmart and Frito-Lay.
Above, Principal Kurt Keller receives the tablet prize from Walmart Manager Glenn Ely.


Nicholas Holzschuh
9-30-13  1:06 pm

A sport that requires patience is a sport that is going to bring difficulties. As bizarre as that sounds, it is entirely correct. Think about it, standing at the plate awaiting a pitch, keeping your cool on the field when things do not go the way they should, and possibly even just watching deeply to catch the sign a coach wants a player to know. This is describing Americas pastime, yes baseball. It is a prime example of a sport that requires a little patience to be the best player one can be.
        Baseball requires one to be dedicated; it is not a hard sport at all to comprehend, but it is a sport built on the little things. When the little things go wrong, big things begin to happen. Most of the time when these big things begin to happen, it is because the little things are being forgotten. Such as when a team scores five when they should have been held to zero just because of someone letting the ball slip between their legs. Batting is not just going up to plate and standing awaiting a pitch, but a simple science of technique and agility to hit the ball in a desired spot. No one would ever believe how much a batter and or a pitcher can control just by how they throw the ball or swing the bat. The reason so much can be controlled is based simply on the player’s dedication to controlling the little things.
        Another reason on the already big list of reasons to be a fan of baseball is the excitement. There is not one other sport that brings the same intensity at every game. Go to a Cardinals baseball game and each inning will bring goose bumps and loads of excitement the entire time. No matter if they are winning by ten or losing by twelve, the fans are still in it. No matter what, everyone has faith in their team to win and down to the very last strike each, every one of the fans will  be their cheering the team on. Win or lose, the team goes on and the fans cheer yet another day.

One would never think a game could be based on such little aspects, but it can  and very much is. Patience is something that can be developed through a game  and applied directly to life. So if baseball is something you have a negative feeling towards, think twice about it now. Not only will the benefits come on the field, but additionally off the field.

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Football for All

Football for All
Nicholas Holzschuh
9-30-13  1:03 pm

Tailgating, Friday nights at your high school, and spending Sundays watching every game; football is something that is incorporated into anyone's life whether they personally play it or not. Football is a game yes, but at the high school level football serves as one of the biggest tools in bringing a major part of a school together outside of an average school day. All those games, the pep rallies, the dressing up, these factors will be what a class remembers the most. It is such a simple thing to just go to a football game on a Fridaynight, but to do as a student of the school it seems to bring so much more intensity. One has four years to experience everything that goes along with being in school with all these activities, but once it is over, going back and redoing what has already been done is not an option. Take advantage of all these chances to make memories with the people that have been there since Pre-K.

Thinking about this same factor and applying it to when one is older or out of school, it is just as effective. On many Sundays, bunches and bunches of people gather to sit around and enjoy each others company while kicking back and watching the game. Football brings people together and allows for many reasons to have a gathering. Comparative to baseball, football is something where each team only plays once a week making a game a little more meaningful because your home team is not going to be playing again the following night.

Not only is football a big deal in a fan's perspective, but additionally  even more to a players. Football could be compared to being at school every time a step is taken onto the field. The game can teach a person so much based on how disciplined
it is. Being a part of something like a football teams make ones responsibility level much higher than others. Football forces a player to be the best they can be, and to challenge themselves to their maximum potential. When this is applied on the field, it seems to show a lot off the field as well. Someone can catch themselves just being courteous and keeping someones head up just because they have learned and been accustomed to staying positive and always being positive even in a negative situation.
To some people, football really is not their style. They may just never watch it or have no idea how the game works anyways. Anyone who is on this bandwagon needs to jump off and go to an NFL Sunday once in awhile. Meeting up with a bunch of people and watching a sporting event is tradition all over the nation. Its tradition for a reason; it is a fun and enjoyable time, so to all the people against watching a good game , I suggest  going to the television next Sunday and watching a game or two because your mind just might be changed.

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Cross Country - Dedication, Discipline, and Desire

Cross Country - Dedication, Discipline, and Desire
Nicholas Holzschuh
9-30-13  12:54 pm

Everybody is physically fit to their own potential, some are more physically capable than others because of hard work and dedication and others just because of being born with the correct gene. Even the guys that consider themselves to be very physically fit could only do a slight amount of what this sport consists of. Imagine running miles upon miles a day. All the sweat, the hard work, the dedication, it takes so much to be a cross country runner.

Running is something that a person thinks they can just go out and do and they will be amazing at it. The fact of the matter is that having such an endurance requires much training. Additionally, to do it right, one has to be able to change their running form and run like a cross country runner would; comparative to baseball when one has to change their batting form to properly hit the ball.

To some people going out onto the cross country course or stepping onto the track is just like running out onto the football field right before the game. Most people are not big fans of running nor would they voluntarily do it, but to the ones that run miles upon miles daily running is a boost of excitement. To many it is like a natural high just to be able to go out and go for a jog. Some people will go on a run when they are feeling bad or down in the dumps because it releases stress.

Anyone who is as dedicated as a cross country runner should be developing many of the quality essentials for life. There are so many things that are learning factors earlier in life to help us develop the attributes of a responsible adult. It is crazy to think how much people have evolved and grown up just in ones own class. Much of the reason for this evolvement or “growing up” is sports. Sports give us that extra that school itself does not. Sports in high school help people to grow and develop into who they are going to become. Many things are required to become a responsible human being and cross country itself is not the only thing, but something that requires being apart of something a little bigger than just one's own self and something that requires structure can only help thriving in life whether one decides to believe it or not.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upcoming Spirit Days!

Upcoming Spirit Days!
Anna Nicks
9-26-13  1:00 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-With the homecoming football game and dance quickly approaching, it's that time of year again!  It's time to roll out your imagination, because the spirit days have returned.  This year's theme is Hollywood.  This Fall's theme is Reaching for the Stars and Win.  Without further ado, here are the dress-up days!

Monday - Silent Movie Day (Dress in Black and White)
Tuesday - Favorite Movie (Dress like your favorite movie character)
Wednesday - Bright Like a Star (Wear bright colors)
Thursday - Hex Day (Wear opposing team colors)
Friday - Game Day! (Wear all of your orange and black!)

The game will be on October 4th.  The dance will be on October 5th at the ROSEBUD AMERICAN LEGION.  It is semi-formal and will go from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  Show up and show some spirit!

NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoff Predictions
Zane Derby-West
9-26-13  12:52

OWENSVILLE, MO-This year the playoff bracket will be hard to predict from both leagues. In the NFC, there are about five teams who are going to dominate, and a few teams left for one wild card spot. The AFC is very hard to predict because there are three teams that have shown they are  playoff teams. The rest of the teams have a lot to prove in the AFC.
The NFC is loaded with teams who could end up winning the Super Bowl. The five teams I think will automatically make the playoffs are Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta , New Orleans, and Green Bay. Other teams do have a chance, like Philadelphia, Washington, Tampa Bay, Arizona, or St.Louis. They definitely have talent ,however, there is only one spot open because those other teams have proven that they are better.
I have Seattle winning the NFC West and being the number one seed. From the same division San Francisco has the second seed. That means both teams with a bye will be from the NFC West. My third seed is Atlanta coming out of the NFC South. The fourth and fifth seed will be between New Orleans and Green Bay, with New Orleans being a wild card and Green Bay winning the NFC North. The NFC East used to be the powerhouse division in the NFC, but many of the teams have had downfalls besides Philadelphia, who has a new coach in Chip Kelly and they look very good. They are my sixth seed, winning the NFC East in front of the Redskins, where RG3 is not healthy. The Giants look terrible and Dallas does not have a run game.
The AFC is definitely not the powerhouse conference. Although, there are three teams right now that could end up competing up with the NFC champs. Denver, Houston, and New England are the teams that could compete against the very talented NFC. There are  many teams though that are talented but, have not proven themselves. Like, the Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs, and Chargers.
If injuries do not affect the Broncos, they will sure be the top contender for the number one seed in the AFC and win the AFC West. The other playoff bye will be between Houston, who wins the AFC South, and New England, who wins the NFC East. I think it will go to Houston because of their defense and because New England does not have any receivers. I have Baltimore getting the first wild card and the fourth seed. The fifth seed and the second wild card goes to Kansas City who is very talented. Alll they needed was a quarterback and a coach the last couple of years and they have that now so do not be surprised if they go even higher with the talent they have. Winning the AFC North and taking the sixth seed will be Cincinnati. They are very raw, but  it could definitely happen in Cincinnati.
The matchups in the first round of AFC Playoffs will be New England vs. Cincinnati and Baltimore vs. Kansas City with Denver and Houston having the two byes. I have New England and Kansas City winning.  Second round matchups are Denver vs. Kansas City and New England vs. Houston. Denver and Houston are the last two left and Denver will beat Houston to win the AFC.
In the NFC, the first round matchups will be Atlanta vs. Green Bay and New Orleans vs. Philadelphia. Philadelphia and Atlanta will come out on top. Second round matchups will be Seattle vs. Philadelphia and San Francisco vs. Atlanta. Seattle and San Francisco come out on top and Seattle defeats San Francisco.
That means the Denver Broncos will face the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. This matchup is Offense vs. Defense. Offence being Peyton Manning who looks better than ever and arguably the best set of receivers he has ever had. Seattle’s defense will not be enough to handle Denver’s offense and veteran leadership. I have Denver winning 34-14.

RG3: Is He Back?

RG3:  Is He Back?
Zane West-Derby
9-26-13  12:50 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Everybody is wondering, if Robert Griffin 3 will be back to normal after he tore his ACL.
Dr. James Andrews, a highly respected doctor, had to repair Griffin’s ACL after he had fell awkwardly on his knee on January 6th, 2013.
On January 9th, 2013 Andrews performed knee reconstruction surgery. At first Andrews thought he had just a slight tear in his ACL and LCL ,however, that was not the case. He had a full tear in his ACL and LCL. Once the surgery was done he asked for the dates of the first day of training camp and the season opener. His dad told him those dates and Griffin put the date of the opener as his password to his phone.
In February, Andrews said that Griffin should be back for the start of the season. After that, Adidas started running a promotional video and Griffin had said he was “all in” for the beginning of the season.
In March, Griffin texted ESPN’s Trey Wingo, “My knee is getting better every day. The doctors say I'm ahead of schedule. My goal is to return healthy in week one but if I'm not ready then I will wait until I am, however long that is. My first NFL season and my injury that ended it showed me a lot about the league, my team, and myself. I know where my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well. I’m looking forward to playing the game we all love so much again and not behind at the negative. thanks for the overwhelming level of support that I've received, sic’em Bears and hail to the Redskins!!”.

When May came around, there were pictures of Griffin throwing.
In July, Griffin married the love of his life and started full practices.
August 7th Griffin started ramping up drills and started 11-on-11 drills. Griffin did not play a single preseason game, but wanted to play in the regular season.The rest of August Griffin was waiting for an approval from Andrews to play in the first game.
On September 2nd, Griffin finally received the news he was wanting for a long time: Andrews cleared him to play the first game and Coach Shannahan named Griffin the starter for week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles.
Griffin’s return did not start off well at all. On the first play he handed the ball off to Alfred Morris and Morris fumbled the ball letting the Eagles recovered. On his second possession he threw his first pass that was complete, but was taken back because of an illegal shift. His second throw was an interception. The third possession ended up with a safety because of a bad shovel pass to Morris. The quarter had ended after that and Philadelphia tied the record for most plays in the 1st quarter (30).
In the second quarter, and Griffin’s fourth possession, he almost threw an interception (defender dropped the pass) and it ended with a punt. The fifth possession ended with a punt, and Griffin looked terrible as he was throwing off his back foot the whole time. The sixth possession ended with yet another punt in which he was hit very hard two times and was slow to get up. In the seventh possession, the Redskins got nowhere because of two false starts and that ended the half.
To start the half the Redskins had a good drive going until a sloppy pass ending the eighth possession with an interception. Ninth possession Griffin had his first run of the year for 8 yards. It was the first time they passed the 50 yard line and get into the redzone, but ended with a missed field goal. Tenth possession Griffin still looked bad but Morris took them down the field for a touchdown. That ended the third quarter.
Eleventh possession Griffin actually looked good and ended with a touchdown pass. Twelfth possession Griffin started to get on a roll but, could not convert on fourth down. To end the game and the thirteenth possession Griffin threw for a long touchdown pass
Although Griffin is a freak of nature and is able to play to the level he is at in just 8 months he is going to need a couple more months to get back to the standards he was at last year. Griffin is not back yet, but about half way through the season he should be back to normal.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In the Halls

In the Halls
Kelsey Kern
9-24-13  1:10 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-4 minutes, that’s all the time you get. That’s right; we’re talking about the short amount of time we get in-between classes. In this amount of time students manage to fit, getting to class, socializing, and talking with their special someone. Is it enough though? What about bathroom breaks, maybe picking up a snack, or switching the correct books out in your locker?
     “It’s really just not enough sometimes, It’s like I’m always rushing,” Junior Sue Meyer states.  Do you feel like you’re always rushing to get to class? Through the crowded hallways and almost impossible to avoid traffic jams it almost seems like rushing is a must. Others complain that they have to walk half way across the building; they don’t even get time for a bathroom break!
“I have to go from the English hallway, all the way down to the math hallway, I don’t get to socialize and not even use the restroom. I really wish we had a few extra minutes.”  Junior Danika Donatii informs us.
So there you have it, do you wish we had more time in the halls? Or would that just cause chaos? 

Dutchmen Soccer?

Dutchmen Soccer?
Kelsey Kern
9-24-13  1:08 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-So, now that we’re getting pumped for this spring’s new girls soccer team, what about those boys? Since the new girl’s soccer team was passed at the beginning of this school year there’s been quite the fuss. “If the girls get a soccer team, we should have one too!” Has been a common quote heard throughout many of the halls in the school.  Well should the boys get one too, or is this just a test run?
  “I think this is just like a test run to see if soccer will become a big sport at the school.” Sophomore Angelia Dolan States.  Soccer in general is a pretty big sport worldwide, but will it become a big sport in our school?  Most people seem to think so, after all a lot of students have been waiting for this team to come along.
“I honestly think by next fall the boys are going to have a team too.” Sophomore Blake Bohl told us.  After all wouldn’t it only be fair? So I guess by next fall we’ll find out if the boys get their wish, so stick around and go out there and support our teams! 


Samuel Grus
9-24-13  1:06 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-The National League MVP race is not near as clear as the American League with Miguel Cabrera. We honestly have a solid five horse race for the biggest award in baseball. Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates has turned it on since late April. Yadier Molina is just a stud when it comes to hitting and handling a pitching staff. Paul Goldschmidt is carrying his Diamondbacks, and Joey Votto is helping his Cincinnati Reds towards Wild Card berth.
            Andrew McCutchen is probably the best all-around centerfielder in the game today. McCutchen is the centerpiece of the Pittsburgh Pirates team, everything they do, they do it around him. He does it all: he runs, hits for average, hits for power, and field so gracefully. McCutchen also just handles himself on and off the field so eloquently. It is hard not to like him. McCutchen is batting a solid .326 with 19 home runs, and has driven in 79 runs. If the Pirates make the postseason, it will be hard not give him the hardware.
            Yadier Molina has been an absolute beast in 2013. He is leading this young St. Louis Cardinals team to what could be their third consecutive postseason appearance. Molina is the best catcher in the game, he blows San Francisco catcher Buster Posey out of the water. Molina can hit, in the past two seasons he has batted over .300 and driven in over 60 runs. But the one thing people overlook is how he handles the Cardinals’ pitching staff. When Yadi is in the lineup, everybody is relaxed because their pitchers should able to go at least 7 innings and hold the opposition to two to three runs. Molina makes a strong case for the MVP because he is the most valuable player to the St. Louis Cardinals club.
            Even though the Arizona Diamondbacks are not in contention for postseason play, their first baseman is out of this world. Paul Goldschmidt is a guy that you can count on if you need a clutch home run, just a base hit this guy is your guy. Going into the second half of the season, he was the clear cut MVP, now on the other hand not so much. Sure he is still producing at a high level, but since his Diamondbacks team is not in contention, it makes it hard to give him the hardware. Goldschmidt is batting .301, has hit 32 home runs, and has driven in 114. Goldschmidt lost his chance at the MVP trophy when the Diamondbacks lost possession of the National League West lead.
            Joey Votto is in my opinion is overrated. Not to say he is not a good first baseman, but he is not near as good as what people make him out to be. I have given my opinion about Votto, now it is time to talk about his MVP candidacy. Votto and his Reds are more than likely going to end up in the Wild Card playoff game. Votto can hit the ball to all field with authority and has never in his career pulled a ball foul with power. He tries with all his will to work the ball up the middle and the other way. Votto is also pretty good with the glove at first base. Votto takes home the hardware if the Reds win the pennant.
            And the winner is... Yadier Molina! His offensive production has tailed off a little bit in the second half, but in the games that he plays the Cardinals win more often than not. But that is not to say if the Pirates win the World Series, that Andrew McCutchen does not take home the hardware. The National League MVP is a toss-up. With so many good players in the game today it is hard to pick just one, however, my vote would go to the catcher from St. Louis.

MLB Weekly

MLB Weekly
Cody Goggin
9-24-13  1:05 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-We are right in the thick of pennant races right now as it is all heating up. Right in the middle of September in the autumn weather, many teams have locked up spots while others are fighting for their lives. This is the time of the season that the future World Series Champion could be making a run for the title. Even a team that just barely squeaks into the playoffs as a wild card could go the distance to win it all.
            In the American League East, the Boston Red Sox are blowing everyone away with the best record in baseball. They lead the division by __ games. This does not mean that the other teams are out of the race, but rather all locked up in a close wild card race. Tampa Bay is clinging on to the last wild card spot by half a game. Baltimore is third place in the division and just two and a half games out of the wild card while the New York Yankees have made a late season push to move into a position only three games behind the Rays. All three of these wild card teams are going to be battling it out over the next couple of weeks and only two have the potential to make it, and it could be that the Red Sox are the only team in the division that could possibly make it.
            The American League Central is just as exciting as Detroit has a pretty commanding lead at five games, but two other teams have a potential playoff spot on the line. The Cleveland Indians are only a half game back of the Rays for the last wild card spot. The Kansas City Royals are surprisingly only three and a half games back. Both of these teams are dark horses in the race, but have played great and are dangerous.
            The West has been a two horse race all year long. In the past couple of weeks, Oakland has pulled away, leaving the Rangers six and a half games in their dust. Texas, however, is still tied with the Rays for a wild card spot.
            In the National League, things are a little bit different. Only one race is even close. The Braves lead their division by ten games and the Dodgers lead theirs by ten and a half. The National League Central is the only close division.  All three teams are tied right at the top. As of right now, the Cardinals and Pirates are tied for the lead in the division, meaning the other team takes the first wild card spot while the Reds have fallen three and a half games back. Washington has pulled within four and a half games of the Reds and will try to take over the final spot. No other team really has a chance to make the playoffs.
            All of these playoff races, especially the American League Wild Card race, will be exciting all the way up to game 162. Make sure you are watching your prescribed dose of baseball in these next two weeks as all of these teams make their final attempts to be written in history. 

Baseball's All-Time Team - Sam's View

Baseball's All Time Team - Sam's View
Samuel Grus
9-24-13  1:03 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Our national pastime is rich in history when it comes to the players, there are just too many to count. Trying to put them all on one team is near impossible, although it can be done. Here is my rendition of what the team would look like if you put everybody on the same team:
RHP: Walter Johnson – Walter Johnson is considered to be the greatest pitcher right behind Cy Young. Johnson had an incredible fastball that he could put wherever he wanted. He went on to Hall of Fame career, his stats are in the top five in almost every pitching category. Here are the main ones: 417 wins, 2.17 ERA, and 3509 strikeouts
LHP: Randy Johnson – Is regarded as the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time. He is second on the all-time strikeout list. His stuff was just plain filthy. He had a slider that would scare you silly, a fastball that would make you poop your pants. In an All-Star game he practically took the bat out of John Kruk’s hands. His main pitching stats are: 303 wins, 3.29 ERA, and 4875 strikeouts.
CP: Mariano Rivera – What can’t you say about Mariano Rivera. The man is the greatest pitcher of all-time. He has enough World Series for one hand. He is leader in saves. It isn’t even a question that he is on this team. I’m not even gonna put his stats on here because he is just that good.
C: Yogi Berra – Yogi Berra is the winningest catcher in the history of the game. He has 10 World Series rings. He caught some of the greatest pitchers in the game, caught the only perfect game in postseason play. His career stats are: 2150 hits, 358 home runs, 1430 RBIs, and a .269 batting average.
1B: Jimmie Foxx – Is second to none. He is probably the most prolific power hitter of all first basemen. Playing mainly for the historic Boston Red Sox, he used the Green Monster in left field to his advantage putting nearly 500 over the wall in Fenway Park. Foxx stats make him one of the best overall firstbaseman. Foxx’s stats: 2646 hits, 534 home runs, 1922 RBIs, and a .325 batting average.
2B: Rogers Hornsby – Is considered the greatest right-handed batter in the history of the game. He unfortunately played in the shadow of the great Babe Ruth. Hornsby batted over .400 three times in his career. He just so happened to play for the greatest franchise of all time as well. Hornsby’s stats are: 2930 hits, 301 home runs, 1584 RBIs, and a .358 batting average.
3B: Chipper Jones – Chipper had such a prolific career for the Atlanta Braves it is hard to imagine anybody else playing third base for them. Jones had probably the best all-around career of any third basemen. Jones was a part of the greatest Braves’s team ever assembled. He went to the playoffs more times than anybody in Braves history. Chipper’s stats are: 2726 hits, 468 home runs, 1623 RBIs, and a solid .303 batting average.
SS: Paul Molitor – Molitor may not be the greatest shortstop of all time but he is one of the best. He is a part of the 3,000 hit club and a glove to go with it. Winning a World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays was icing on the cake for Molitor. Molitor’s stats are: 3319 hits, 234 home runs, 1307 RBIs, and a .306 batting average.
LF: Stan Musial – Stan the Man, Baseballs Perfect Warrior, Baseballs Perfect Knight. There wasn’t anything Musial couldn’t do wrong. Stan held the record for most hits by a National League player until Pete Rose came along. Musial is my favorite player of all time. He is one this list because of his ability to hit the ball, field it, throw it, and because of his personality. Musial’s stats are: 3630 hits, 475 home runs, 1951 RBIs, and a .331 batting average.
CF: Ty Cobb – Cobb was not the nicest player of in history of the game, but he was dang good at the game of baseball. He would do just about anything to get on base. Cobb’s stats are: 4189 hits, 117 home runs, 1938 RBIs, and a .366 batting average.
RF: Hank Aaron – Hank Aaron, the true home run king. Nuff said. Aaron’s stats are: 3771 hits, 755 home runs, 2297 RBIs, and a .305 batting average.
BN: Pete Rose – Mr. Hustle said himself that he would walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball. Rose is the all-time hits leader and played many different positions throughout his career. He makes this team because of his ability to get on base and his ability to play anywhere I tell him too. Rose’s stats are: 4256 hits, 160 home runs, 1314 RBIs, and a .303 batting average.
            Obviously a lot of people were left off this 12-man team, but under the circumstances, I had to do what was necessary. Now my team is clearly better than that of my coworker Cody Goggin’s, even though he has the great Babe Ruth. We will be putting these teams to the test, in order to see how they match up. This is the greatest World Series of All-Time, no question about it. That is my team, who is on yours?

Baseball's All-Time Team - Cody's View

Baseball's All-Time Team - Cody's View
Cody Goggin
9-24-13  1:02 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-There are so many great players in the history of Major League Baseball, however, for the entertainment purposes of this article, Sam Grus and I each drafted our own teams. We drafted these 12 man teams based on stats. Many of these players are hall of famers and the thought of having them all on the same team is unfathomable, which is why we did it.
RHP- Christy Mathewson: (373-188) 2.13 ERA
In the early 1900’s, Mathewson was one of the most dominant pitcher of his era. Pitching for the Giants when they roamed the Polo Grounds, Mathewson posted an ERA close to two while also accumulating over 350 wins, making him my greatest right handed pitcher of all time.
LHP- Sandy Koufax: (165-87) 2.76 ERA
Although his career was short-lived, for about a decade Sandy Koufax was the most dominant pitcher on earth. Pitching for the Dodgers in the late 50’s and early 60’s, the “Left Arm of God” literally played just like his nickname. Koufax is my best left-handed starting pitcher of all time.
Closer- Trevor Hoffman: 601 Saves
At the time he retired, Hoffman was the all-time leader in saves. Passing many greats along the way, Trevor Hoffman was the first player to ever hit 600 saves. Of course Mariano Rivera has now passed him, but Hoffman is still a legend in the bullpen.
Catcher- Mike Piazza: 427 HR
Considered possibly the best hitting catcher of all time, Piazza logged 16 years in the Majors. Splitting time between the Dodgers and Mets, Piazza’s career became the ultimate underdog story as he retired as a potential future hall of famer after not being drafted until the 62nd round of the 1988 draft. Piazza was a pitcher’s worst nemesis when he was at his best.
First Baseman- Lou Gehrig: 2,130 consecutive games played
Gehrig was the definition of durable when it came to his career. He played every game for his team for years, eventually setting a consecutive game mark that would stand for almost sixty years. Gehrig was also productive at the plate as he hit 493 homers and had a career batting average of .340 while batting behind the Great Bambino and having 1992 RBIs.
Second Baseman: Nap Lajoie: 3,243 Hits
Lajoie is probably one of the lesser-known players on this team, however, he is also one of the more productive ones. Playing in the early 1900’s, Lajoie had over 3,000 hits, 1,599 RBIs, and a .338 batting average. His team was even named after him.

Third Baseman- Mike Schmidt: 548 HR
When you ask an avid baseball fan who the best third baseman of all time is, the reply will more often than not include the name Mike Schmidt. Schmidt was the man at the hot corner for the Phillies between 1972 and 1989. His dominance was not only at the plate, but also in the field as he earned ten gold glove awards. All around, I believe Schmidt is the best third baseman of all time.
Shortstop- Honus Wagner: 723 SB
This shortstop was a four tool player. His skill set lacked power, but he made up for it with his 723 SB, 3,420 hits, and .940 fielding percentage. Wagner was the face of the Pirates in the first 17 years of the 20th century. Wagner is underrated by many and in my mind he could be the best.
Left Field- Ted Williams: .482 OBP
Ted Williams is often regarded as one of the top five greatest players of all time, so there is no doubt that I picked him as my left fielder. In his 19 years for the Red Sox, Williams absolutely dominated. Although he never delivered the cursed Sox to the World Series, he was the face of their franchise. Williams is thought of as a national hero. His .482 on base percentage is the best mark of all time. He also marked 521 home runs and 1,839 RBIs. And the scary part is that he could’ve been even better if he had not missed three seasons due to the war.
Center Field- Willie Mays: 660 HR
Willie Mays’s most remembered moment was “The Catch.” Willie Mays was a beast at the plate as he hit 660 HRs, 1903 RBIs, 3,283 hits, and 338 stolen bases. He was great in centerfield but also one of the most prolific hitters of all time. Willie Mays is the all-time Giant.
Right Fielder- Babe Ruth: 714 HR
I could just say, “Babe Ruth: ‘Nuff said,” however, on the other and I could write a whole paragraph about the Sultan of Swat. The third batter in Murderer’s Row, Ruth was the most feared hitter of all time. He is the most known player in baseball history. His .690 SLG, 1.164 OPS, and 206 OPS+ are all the highest of all time. He held the home run record for years before it was broken by Aaron. The Great Bambino is the best hitter of all time.
Bench: Mickey Mantle: 536 HR
“The Mick” is regarded as one of the best centerfielders of all time, and that is why I just had to include him on the list. There was no competing with Mays, but Mantle came dang close to it. They ruled New York at about the same time while Mantle was playing the Yankees. Scoring 1,676 runs and 3 MVP awards.
Did you believe it when I told you that these teams would be ridiculous? What about now? If these players played on the field at the same time there is no telling who would prevail and impress. Only in our imaginations will this ever come true, but to a true baseball fan, just imagining this is fun

Owensville Marching Magic Preview

Owensville Marching Magic Preview
Anna Nicks
9-24-13  1:00 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-The Owensville High School (OHS) Marching Magic’s show this year has taken a turn from the originally planned theme.  Originally, the band was to perform a Lord of the Rings themed show, but then, after a series of unfortunate events, the show theme was dramatically changed.  The new show is composed of Bon Jovi songs including the hits “Livin’ on a Prayer,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and “You Give Love a Bad Name.”
            The band will be taking part in three competitions this year.  On October 5th, they are going to the River City Showcase in O’Fallon, Missouri.  On October 12th, they are competing at the Bi State Marching Festival in Potosi, Missouri.  Their final competition will be on October 19th, the Route 66 Competition in Rolla, Missouri.
            The band has already performed at two home football games, on August 30th and on September 13th.  They will be performing at halftimes for all upcoming home football games.  Mr. Jordan Palmer, the schools’ director of bands, says that what was seen on Friday by spectators was “not what the finished product is going to be.”  That it was “in the early stages.”  He also says, however, that the band will do “okay” at competitions as long as everyone was willing to put in work.
            When it comes to the color guard, Joleen Goodman, section leader of the guard, says that if “[the guard] puts in a lot of work and keeps working hard, we can do pretty good.”   On the Friday show she said, “That’s not usually what we look like, or what we sound like.”
            Michal Sovar, the drum major for Owensville’s Marching Magic agrees with Mr. Palmer and Goodman about the outlook for the competitions.  She says that the band will do “okay” and that “come competition in three weeks, [the show] will be first place worthy.”  When it comes to last Friday’s halftime performance, she said “Erase that from your minds.  Because that is not our band. …It is definitely going to get better.”
            The general consensus among band members seems to be that it will get better.  There is a lot of work to do, but if everyone puts in time and effort, this year’s show should be a success.

2013 Dutchmen Football

2013 Dutchmen Football
Cody Goggin
9-24-13  12:58 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Last year, things did not go the way on the gridiron that the Owensville football team planned. They finished the season with a dismal 0-9 record. Coming into this year, things were not looking promising either due to a group of senior starters, including the quarterback, leaving because of graduation. Owensville Dutchmen football has started a losing streak and is in dire need of a W.
            This season is looking as if it will be just as disappointing.  There have been some bright spots this year and reasons to show hope however. In week one against the Borgia Knights, a very good team, Owensville held their own in the first half, as the score going into the locker room was 0-0. Later that game it would seem as if Owensville’s team was worn down and Borgia just took advantage of the mistakes, pushing the final score to a 26-6 Knights victory.
            Week two in Blair Oaks did not go as well.  The Dutchmen offense looked terrible to begin the game and they could never recover from all of the mistakes. The first possessions consisted of turnovers that often resulted in Falcon touchdowns. The score was 42-0 at the end of the first and 55-0 at halftime. After this, the Dutchmen played solid, although it was against the Falcons back-ups. Owensville was sent home by a score of 55-13.
            Again, at home in week three, Owensville’s team showed some promising signs.  Playing Salem, the Dutchmen got out to an early score, earning their first lead of the season. Salem would come back with a touchdown of their own and be successful on the two point conversion to make it 8-7. This would be the score going into halftime. Again in the third quarter, things went bad for Owensville as they allowed 16 unanswered points in the frame and then another six more in the fourth. As time was running low, Morgan Huebner, a junior runningback, scored the last Dutchman touchdown, resulting in a final score of 30-13, Salem Tigers on top.
            Things are not all bad for the Dutchmen though, as has been mentioned before, there are some bright spots. Senior wide receiver Ben Angell described the first three games of the season as, “… a time for us to figure out where to put people and to become better teammates.” when asked if the team were as bad as their record has shown and he replied with, “I believe that the team is better than we have shown because we have played very good at times, but also very bad at times. Once we figure out how to stay up all the time on the game field, things will come together a lot quicker.” The last question Ben was asked was, “What aspect of the game is our team best at?” Angell’s reply was, “The aspect of the game that I believe we are best at would have to be defense because other than a couple big plays, that we have given up in the games, we are stout. The problem with our offense is that we have a tendency to drive the ball down the field and then something goes wrong in the red zone and we give up the ball.”
            I do, in fact, agree with Ben’s statements and I think that we will have at least two wins in the rest of the season. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is here in Owensville because we love our football and we are looking for improvement in the future so that we can return to our traditional form. According to Ben Angell, “There are still many winnable games ahead of us this season.” 

My Body, Not Your Advice Box

My Body, Not Your Advice Box
Anna Nicks
9-24-13  12:55 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Most people will agree that it is rude to make comments about a person who is overweight.  What most people do not understand is that it is rude to say things about other body types as well.  Many people would not say anything about someone being heavy, but would be quick to tease a girl because she is very slender.  The teaser may think that it is all in good fun, but to the person being teased, it is frustrating and demeaning.  It does not matter that she is “skinny.”  It matters that she is being made to feel bad because of her body.
            It is not just weight that people comment on either.  Height, shoe size, acne, breast size, and a million other things are all talked about, and many times in a demeaning manner.  There are certain things that people can control about themselves, but many that cannot be controlled.  To be frank, even if they can be controlled, a person has no business saying anything about it because they are not perfect either. 
            It does not matter if a person has the “perfect” body or not.  It does not matter if they are thin or heavy.  It does not matter if they are short or tall.  It does not matter if they have big feet or little feet.  It does not matter what they look like on the outside.  No one has the right to make fun of someone for the way that their body is.  Ever. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Turf Field

New Turf Field
Zane West-Derby
9-3-13  7:53 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Owensville High finally has a new Turf Field and Track! After suffering with cracks in the track and a pitiful looking field. We have the solved our problems! A new Turf that looks incredible and takes almost nothing to maintain! The track is not done yet, but the way the Turf looks, the track should look amazing!
The entire renovation was 1.1 million dollars for the field, track, concrete, etc. The project started in late May, and ended August, 23rd. Byrne and Jones was the company name that made everything.
The first time I set my eyes on it, I thought WOW this looks so nice! The turf is so soft and looks so much better than the old field. The new bleachers to the side of the grandstands look very nice,too. They are so much safer than the old wooden ones that always broke and did not have bars on the back and sides, so you do not fall off.
Football will not be the only sport able to play on the field, Girls Soccer will be playing on the field in the Spring of 2014. The new field has the regulation soccer lines. Also, the Band, Dance Team, Color Guard, and others will perform on the field, also.

I asked OHS Senior Nathan Smith if he had any positive or negative thoughts about the turf and he said, “ Other than the cost, I think it is a very positive thing for the football team and it serves as a field for the new girls soccer team.”
I also asked another OHS Senior Samuel Grus if he had any positive or negative thoughts about the turf and he said, “ It is a waste of money and it is wrong, Football is to be played in the mud and dirt.”
I asked OHS Senior Brandon Haus if he had any positive or negative thoughts about the turf too and he said, “ I like it, it looks nicer, looks softer, and you do not have to paint it.”

Personally, I think the new Turf and Track is an overall great investment. They both could prevent injuries, the track luckily did not cause an injury but, definitely could have because of the cracks. The Turf does not have any dry spots or holes in it either, like the old one did and could be very dangerous.

NFL Single Season Records

NFL Single Season Records
Zane Derby-West
9-3-13  7:47

OWENSVILLE, MO-In recent years, many records have either been broken, or have been very close to it.  In 2007, Tom Brady threw for 50 touchdowns to break the record for touchdowns in a single season. In 2011, Drew Brees threw for 5,476 yards and broke the passing yards record. Jared Allen had 22 sacks that season coming up just half a sack away from the record. Just this last year, Adrian Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards and came up a little short from the record, and Calvin Johnson broke the receiving record with 1,964 yards. In this 2013 NFL season, I believe that there is a high possibility that more records will be broken.
Tom Brady has a chance to break the touchdowns record, but probably will not because he does not have the receivers he had in 2007. In 2007, Brady had Donte Stallworth, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, and Kelley Washington to throw to. This year he only has one good receiver, Danny Amendola. If he had Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez back he could really contend for the record; that is not going to happen. Welker left for Denver, Gronkowski possibly will not be back until week 6, and Aaron Hernandez was recently released by the Pats because he was charged for murder.
Drew Brees is definitely a contender for the passing yards record, again. Everybody thought that he would set it last year, but head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the whole season for paying players to hit others hard and injure them. New Orleans passes the most in the NFL, so if Drew Brees does not sustain any injuries he should break the record.
Jared Allen is getting old and this may be his last year to try for the sacks record. In 2007, Allen was in the prime of his career and came very close to the record, so it is very unlikely that he will break the record. J.J. Watt. on the other hand, is coming into his 3rd season and has a very high ceiling. If the rest of the Houston Texans defense can put pressure on the opponents linemen, Watt should have a lot of sacks. I think their defense is good enough that opponents will not be able to double team him very often, and if it is one-on-one, then he will win the battle most of the time because of his raw talents.
Adrian Peterson is a straight up boss; he is 217 pounds of pure muscle and he runs a 4.4 second 40 yard dash. He is the most gifted running back in the NFL by far. If the other players on the Vikings can relieve Peterson of some pressure, he could be in the running for MVP and the rushing record, again.
Calvin Johnson has the best chance of breaking a record in the 2013 NFL season. He broke the record last year by 116 yards! Can he get 2,000 yards though? He only came 46 yards from it last year, why can’t he get 2,000? The Detroit Lions are one of the most pass oriented teams in the NFL, and he is the only good receiver they have.

Rushing record: 2,105 yards, Eric Dickerson
Who could break it? Adrian Peterson

Receiving Record: 1,964 yards, Calvin Johnson
Who could break it? Calvin Johnson (again)

Sacks Record: 22.5 sacks, Michael Strahan
Who could break it? Jared Allen or J.J. Watt

Passing Record: 5,476 yards, Drew Brees
Who could break it? Drew Brees or Tom Brady


Zane West-Derby
9-3-13  7:44 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-This year the National League does not have any real front runners like the American League, for MVP. The American League has Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis, who are having off-the-charts amazing seasons and they have separated themselves from the rest of the crowd. The National league, on the other hand has about five people in the race for MVP, but none of them have been able to separate themselves as a front runner. Main contenders for the NL MVP are Yadier Molina, Andrew McCutchen, Paul Goldschmidt, and Joey Votto.

Molina is second the NL in batting average. He is leading the Cardinals to yet another playoff run. They are currently in a tie for 1st place in the NL Central. he is the best fielding catcher in the MLB and now has learned to hit very good.

Goldschmidt leads in RBI and tied for the lead in Home Runs. He is an up and comer. Last year, nobody knew who he was; but that's a different story this year. Leading the Diamondbacks in Batting Average, Home Runs, RBI ( runs batted in), and OBP ( on base percentage).

Joey Votto is among the leaders in Home Runs and RBI. He is an overall amazing batter, most likely the best hitter on this list.. If he gets hot there are few who could do better than him.
Although the race is up in the air I think the MVP will end up being Andrew Mccutchen because he does everything.  Mccutchen is leading in WAR (wins above replacement). He fields well; he has amazing speed and can handle the bat like a champ.

School Lunch Decoded: What it Means for You

School Lunch Decoded: What it Means for You
Anna Nicks
9-3-13  7:41 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO - RIINNGG!  The bell rings and everyone jumps out of their chairs and runs for the lunchroom, only to get there and start complaining about the lunchroom offerings.  This year, the complaints have been specifically pointed toward the new lunch regulations. 
                The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) was to begin in the 2012-2013 school year, and it did.  The bill passed in congress states that on a weekly basis, 50% of grains offered must be whole, all pastas must be whole grain, and the maximum amount of calories for grades 9-12 is 850; there are sodium and fat quotas, and new regulations of the fat amount allowed in milk. 
                When talking with both Lead Cook, Sheila Jett, and Director of Food Services, Jackie Kohler, various things were brought up, including the way that the restrictions are to be introduced.  Every year, a new restriction will be introduced, including the lowering of sodium from 686 mg daily to 500 mg daily by the school year of 2022.  It is taking so long because they will slowly continue to reduce sodium each year so that the change is not as dramatic, because Americans are so used to eating salt. They are also moving from 50% whole grains to nothing but whole grains within the next several years.  As well this year, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may no longer be offered as a free option because of the protein restrictions.     
One concern shared by Jett and Kohler was the cost of the fruits and vegetables.  Because of the nearly doubled amount required of each, more money has to be put toward fruits and vegetables, and less money can be put to use buying the other food necessary.   As Kohler says, “Eating healthy is expensive”.  Still another concern was the food going to waste.  When forced to take the fruits and vegetables, many students simply throw them away without even touching them.  Jett says there needs to be improvements as it is important for the food to be good, and because for some, school lunch is the only hot meal that they get.   When asked what they would change if they could change one thing, the answer was that they would not require so many whole grains.  Both Jett and Kohler say, though, no matter how much you don’t like the food, don’t blame the cooks.  They have to follow the laws set by the national government.
 Dietician Brenda Voss, meanwhile, is astounded at the rise of type two diabetes.  She says that it used to be so unheard of in children that it was called adult onset diabetes.  Now, it is very common, as a matter of fact, 17% of American children and teens are overweight or obese.  When asked whether or not she thought that school lunches are contributing to the rising obesity rates, she answered that she did not think that school lunches are directly impacting that rates, which goes along with Kohler saying that, “Kids don’t get fat from eating school lunch.”   
Voss says that there are good points and bad points to the HHFKA.  She says that the good things are that there are more fruits and vegetables being offered, less fat in the food and the milk, and restrictions on the amount of sodium allowed in food.  Voss does, however, believe that some changes do need to be made in order to perfect the laws.  To start with, the food needs to be less processed.   Other necessary changes include the need to tailor the amount of food to the student.  Voss says that each child has different needs, depending on weight, height, age, and sex.  This can be calculated by finding you BMI (Body Mass index).  Your needs also depend on amount of activity and/or exercise.
Another thing that Voss says is important is to get kids involved in their choices.  She says that they should be able to put in their input about which fruits and vegetables they like better and such.  She suggests that the information be taken by survey or quick questionnaire.  Voss says that if kids get involved with their choices and don’t feel as if they’re being forced into something, then they might be more willing to accept it.  As well as that, she says that it is important for the regulations to be introduced slowly.  The government seems to be on the same page as Voss, because they do plan to introduce stricter laws in the near future.  One of the laws that will take the longest will be the sodium reduction.  Over the course of many years, until 2022, the sodium amount allowed daily in food will be reduced.
 Overall though, Voss is in favor of the laws saying that “It has positive benefits because 17% of children are obese, but it needs to be put in gradually, and kids need to be involved with the choices.”     
                Unlike Voss, however, many students and parents are outraged at these new requirements.  In fact, when 139 Owensville High students where asked about their opinion on the new regulations, 75.5% answered that they were aware of the laws and 24.5% said that they were unaware.  Out of those people that said yes, 13% felt positively about the laws, 3% had no opinion and 84% were against them.  Many of the students that felt negatively about the laws thought that it was unfair that they are being forced to take food that they do not want, and athletes think that what is being provided is not enough to satisfy their needs. 
                Andy Gerth feels very strongly against the laws.  He says “I am opposed to the regulation of school lunch content and sizes.  In my opinion, the government has no place controlling the portions.  If somebody is deprived of a good, filling lunch, then they will go home and eat more anyway.  Kids deserve the freedom…this great country offers.  I run cross country and play baseball.  I either have to bring my lunch or buy two lunches to get the energy I need to perform well in these sports.  I just do not think that this is the solution.”
                Nicholas Plocinski thinks similarly, along with Justin Hutchinson, Cody Forsee, and Daniel Kapellmann.  They say that “the fact that we have to take fruit and vegetables, even if we aren’t going to eat them, is pretty…stupid and wasteful.”
                Nicks Collins is among the few that support the new regulations.  He says “I love the food the school serves.  I do not understand why people complain.  It’s healthy for you.”
                A fellow student, who wishes to remain anonymous, agrees with Collins.  “Eating healthier is something that young people need to do to better themselves.  Fruits and vegetables are good for you and provide nutrients your body needs.  Therefore, I agree with the new [healthy] food regulations.”

*This story was written during the 2012-2013 school year.  The information still applies to this year.

Improvements Made to the School Over the Summer

Improvements Made to the School Over the Summer
Anna Nicks
9-3-13  7:38 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-While students are off on vacation and enjoying themselves in the summer, people are busily working to make their school a better place so that once summer ends, teachers can teach, and students can learn in the best possible environment.  Gasconade County R-II High School (OHS) was the site of multiple changes and updates this past summer. 
            During the summer months, many things were done as general housekeeping practices at OHS.  The custodial staff cleaned and waxed the floors, removing every last trace of dirt and debris.  The custodians also did a deep-cleaning of all of the bathrooms.  The purpose of this deep cleaning is to make the restrooms as sanitary and healthy as possible.  Students are urged to keep these facilities tidy after so much work has gone into making them clean.    
            As well as the general up-keep of the school’s interior, several larger purchases and projects have been completed.  The computers in the A+ lab have been replaced with brand-new ones so that students can have the best possible computing experience.
 The small gym has been re-painted, transitioning the old, dingy wall into a cleaner looking room.  A new scoreboard has been purchased for the small gym, although it has not been hung up yet.  The big gym has had some painting done to it, mostly to the orange stripe, and the floor was redone.  As many know, new turf has been installed, which will be followed by a new track.  You can read an article exclusively about the aptly named “sports complex” in a separate article.
While some may think that these things are not that important, Mr. Keller says that doing regular maintenance on the school keeps things running smoothly so that they do not break.  When things are running smoothly, the school is able to make bigger purchases.  For instance, the school has been able to purchase new art tables, new tables for the library, and the computers and iPads. 
            Why make these purchases?  The purchases that are made will go toward making sure that students are prepared for the next level, and can enjoy themselves while they are here. Mr. Keller says that the bottom line is that “[the school’s] got to prepare our students so that they can go compete at the college level or at job sites.”