Friday, May 2, 2014

Divergent Review

Divergent Review
Zane West-Derby
5-2-2014  12:56 pm

OWENSVILLE, MO-Divergent is a new hit series that every teenager wants to read.  I recently watched the movie because I do not like to read books.  I was amazed at how much of a thrill it was!  I definitely rank it up there with the Hunger Games for the best movie of the year.
The world has had some sort of disaster, and there is a little land left unharmed in the US.  A community has set up a system of government with five factions.  Dauntless is the military and they are made up of brave people.  Erudite is made up of nerds that want to rule the world. Abnegation is made up of the common worker that helps out in the community.  Candor is made up of lawyers and the leaders of the government.  Amity is made up of peacemakers; people like counselors are in Amity.
Once a year the 16-year-olds take a test that gives them a suggestion on which faction to use.   Tris Pryor is told that she got sick and could not take the test, but she finds out that she is divergent.  When you are divergent, you don’t fit into a single faction.  You can fit into multiple factions.  The leaders kill Divergents because they think differently.  They think that is what causes war.  To find out who is divergent, everybody takes medicine that can control your body.  If you are divergent, it does not work.  
Erudite tries to overrule the government with science.  They inject medicine into the Dauntless faction and control them so that they  kill everybody,
Tris and her friend, Four, are Divergent and have to act the same as the others in Dauntless.  Even if that means killing your loved ones!  For and Tris want to stay alive, but they are also the only ones that can take out Erudite because they cannot control divergent people.  What will they do?

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